Live Oak Investing is a family-owned business with a passion for real estate.

Braden & Whitney Anglin are your average high school sweethearts, born & raised in "Middle-of-Nowhere," Georgia. In 2018, their dreams & aspirations led them to take a blind leap of faith & landed their family in the suburbs of Arizona, just South of Phoenix.

"Everyone we knew thought we were crazy. Moving across the country to pursue our dreams, completely on our own, is almost unheard of where we're from." -Braden Anglin

In 2018, the single-income family greatly struggled to make ends meet. Second-guessing their cross-country "leap of faith" to success is an understatement. Qualifying for a house was out of the question during this trying time.

"My husband and I couldn't qualify to buy a home. With no other option but to pay rent, AKA paying someone else's mortgage; I thought we had made a huge mistake by confidently leaving behind everything & everyone we had ever known. No family or friends to lean on panicked us - we felt stranded. I told Braden that there HAD to be a non-traditional way to finance or sell a home." -Whitney Anglin

Que their discovery of Creative Financing.

Creative Finance not only allowed them finally to buy a home but successfully sell as well. Kicking out the "Middle Man" inspired them to begin their real estate investing quest. Lending a hand to buyers & sellers with unique circumstances (like they once had) effortlessly became their passion.